CSR - Corporate Social Responsibility


Many jursidictions and boards of directors are mandating CSR. The closer the corporate vision is to the social mission they support, the better for business, branding and relevancy. Every locality is struggling with cyberbullying, digital risk management in schools, uninformed parents and grandparents and how to spot safer models to promote. Employees are involved in their communities in faith-based and community organizations. Corporate facilities can house events and their multimedia development team can create videos, animations and websites. Marketing specialists can help market safety and your distribution network can make the difference between a success and failure in cybersafety and responsible technology use.

By recognizing that this is an issue that affects all stakeholder groups, it is a simple road to finding an approach that fits with the mission of the company. Doing good is good for business and morale. And it helps struggling charities deliver their programs to a wider community. It's a win-win! Reach out to WiredSafety to see if our work is a fit with yours.

Being Socially Safe

Corporate executives and employees have families. They have children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews. They have pareents and siblings. They use digital technologies for fun and work and to communicate with people they care about.

All of these intersect when trusted brands dedicate those brands to helping protect their users and their communities, online and offline. While WiredSafety works to help businesses promote safety, it does not advise on best practices. Instead, Parry Aftab (WiredSafety's founder and cyberlawyer) requires that her SociallySafe best practices seal clients adhere to the best practice standards she established for WiredSafety. WiredSafety is a proud recipient of the SociallySafe Kids Seal for its preteen sites and programs and the Socially Safe Seal for WiredSafety and other general audience sites and programs. (The SociallySafe Best Practices Seals have been donated to the group by its founder's consulting firm.) To learn more about the best practice standards adhered to by WiredSafety, visit